Assemble Gas Grill Not Included

I purchased my new gas grill over two years ago and I had to assemble it. The grill came with detailed instructions and it even included and estimated time to assemble (1.5 hours). I am not sure who they were estimating the time by, but it sure was not me.

I even asked the sales agent if I could purchase the assembled gas grill on display. He was not able to sell a grill already assembled, but offered to assemble it for $80. I only paid $122 for the gas grill and I thought that was a little expensive until I did it myself.

To assemble gas grill was a project for me as I am not a handyman, but after 2.5 hours I was pleased at my craftsmanship, well, at least I had no left over parts. If I knew it would have taken me this long, I would’ve paid for the assembly. The good news is that I will not need to do it again for a long time, unless a friend needed help.

Have you ever noticed how many parts they can cram into a small box? At first, you think how bad could this be until you open the box and start to spread out all the parts. I think I will stick to what I am good at, such as; computer repair, wireless network and HP printer installation.

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