Air Conditioning Tune Up Tips for a Cool Summer

Summer is here and the mercury is slowly climbing higher around the country and whether you live in Dallas, TX or the great Northeast, it is a great time to make sure your air conditioning unit is running at maximum efficiency.   Like any appliance, routine maintenance can cut down on those dreaded appliance repair bills.

Servicing your AC unit by a qualified professional once or twice a year will help keep your AC unit running efficiently as possible and extend the life of your AC unit.  Of course, there are several things you can do yourself to help ensure year-round performance.

  1. Make sure weeds, plants, and shrubs have not gotten too close to the AC unit as this can reduce airflow.
  2. Clean out any debris inside your unit to ensure your coils and fan run efficiently. Make sure you switch off the power at the circuit breaker before removing the unit cover.
  3. Make sure you replace your blower filter every 3 months or in accordance with your manufacture recommendations.
  4. Make sure all of the screws on your AC unit panels are tight and no gaps are present; this ensures minimal air leaks.

Remember, air condition units work by maintaining a balance of airflow rates over both your indoor and outdoor coils.  Ensuring these coils are clean is essential to maintaining maximum efficiency for your AC unit.  When dealing with AC units, out of sight – out of mind can translate to large appliance repair bills and possibly no vacation!   You want your vacation; so with a little care and scheduled professional maintenance of your AC unit, you can make sure the family is lounging poolside, not taking a summer job to pay those repair bills.

Do not forget to inspect your indoor coils, which can get damp from your units running and can accumulate a surprising amount of dirt and grime over time.  This debris can reduce airflow and lead to a detrimental effect on your unit’s performance.  You can clean these by simply wiping your coils with a damp cloth and then use your brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner or a blower to finish the job.

Finally, you want to ensure your condensation drain is not clogged or obstructed.   The condensation drain is the drain that comes from the cooling coil drain opening and runs to your floor drain.   Clogs usually occur and can cause bacterial slime that can grow in your water.  Make sure you also check the drain pan and ensure no pooling of water.  If you find issues, it is a good idea to turn off the AC to avoid water damage and have a licensed AC repair contractor inspect and unclog your drain.

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4 Responses

  1. sam reddy says:

    Nice and clear tips.. thank you!!

  2. Chris Baum says:

    Great post! It is definitely easier to maintain and service your air conditioning units instead of paying a company to come out and service them for you. I’m definitely going to apply these tips when I go and service mine this weekend. Thanks!

  3. Kenneth Lawrence says:

    Wonderful tips!!! These can help individuals make sure that their air conditioning systems are running good. However, it is still essential to get a reliable air conditioning services company in order to ensure that your air condition doesn’t have any damage. Click here.

  4. total home control says:

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