A Unique Way of Saying I Love You…

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and for a special day like this, there is no better way to repay mom for all the hard work that she’s done than to surprise her by doing something for her that she is not expecting. Moms cook, clean, provide love and attention and at most times do all the fixing and repairing around the house that needs to be done. The warmth and comfort of a home would never be there if our moms didn’t put so much effort in keeping it in tip top shape.

This year instead of giving here flowers, a day at the spa, or taking her to a nice dinner, surprises her with a home makeover.

Your Very Own Home Make Over Project

Getting a makeover doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to restructure or change the entire house. You can just choose certain parts that need to be repaired or replaced to give your home a brand new feel. Try to check if you have any broken pipes or if you need gutter cleaning. Small changes and improvements are still considered home makeovers and will highly be appreciated by your mom.

Mom’s Touch Always Works

When planning the home makeovers try to insert details that will remind you of your mom. Paint her room with her favorite color, fix her windows, or get her furniture that she will really like. Remodeling a home using mom’s favorite things never fails to put a smile on her face.

Another tip is to try to repair certain things in her favorite spot at home. Does she like to cook? Does she need to repair anything in the kitchen? Do any of her appliances need to be replaced? Look around and see if anything needs to be fixed. Most of the time moms don’t really complain, instead they just look for other alternatives and work on what they have. So giving her something that she needs would definitely make this day special.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Often, we fail to realize that we should be able to give our moms what they need and not what they want. Flowers and chocolates are such common things to give out on mother’s day and they become too generic; why not try something different like getting a gutter repair or go for window washing. Since our moms love the house, they might appreciate it more if home improvements and replacements are done to make the house look better. Sometimes, the best gift for her is to improve the things that she treasures the most, and a home is one of them.

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  1. Shahroz Olfat says:

    My mom just recently purchased a new townhouse and being that I am really far away it has been really great to use the ServiceLive Leads program to get work done at her house. I can hear her smile through the phone. Thanks ServiceLive Leads!!!

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