9 Spring Home Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Do you have a regular spring home maintenance routine? A lot of us keep a sort of mental checklist of outdoor projects we need to tackle as the winter fades and warmer weather arrives. For example, many homeowners do a bit of inspection to look for damages, such as siding that was knocked down by wind or debris, chimney caps damaged or missing, gutters facing some challenges, and more.

Make an actual list

You cannot possibly hold all of the outdoor steps you do every spring as a mental checklist. This is the time to make yourself a nicely organized binder that itemizes the “must do” steps for the coming season. You’ll be surprised at how much farther ahead of the game you will be when you have a checklist you can begin tackling as early as the first weeks of March. Be sure that you identify the tools and supplies you need for each project and always have supplies on hand ahead of time.

Start indoors

As you seek to get a jumpstart on the spring season, be proactive about completing everything you need to do indoors. If that includes a thorough spring cleaning, go ahead and do that ahead of time. Then, on that first beautiful day when you head outdoors to start the springtime work, you can open the windows wide and enjoy knowing the house is spotlessly clean inside.

Organize and assess your tools

Another critical step to a good jumpstart on the spring is to take the time to evaluate your tools before the good weather arrives. Why? First, by uncovering a problem with a tool, you can get to the home improvement store before the annual crowding begins. Then, as soon as the nice weather starts, you’ll have all of the tools you need to get it done.

Deal with your firewood

Once the fireplace or wood stove season ends, you must (and read that as MUST) relocate your firewood. It should be at least two feet from your actual exterior walls (a woodshed is best) and around 16 to 18 inches off the ground. Doing so keeps away mice and insects and deters them from heading indoors.

Upgrade the “walk around”

Many homeowners kick off the season by doing a walk around, looking at the roof for problems with shingles or the chimney, examining the gutters and downspouts, and so on. Be sure you also examine all wood trim and moldings. By doing so, you will discover if there is any exposed or damaged wood on railings, trim around doors and windows, and decks or stairs.

Then, tackle those repairs ASAP because spring rains can cause more trouble. Reseal exposed wood on railings, decks, trellises and other areas, and always look for signs of termites. They start to show up in March and swarm at some point in the spring. If you see them, you’ll want professional help to eliminate them quickly.

Watch the water

Before the spring kicks off, be sure that your outside faucets made it through the winter without damage. You should give them a test run and check for leaks or other issues. You’ll be glad you repaired outdoor water supplies before spring begins.

Fill in low areas

In addition to implementing repairs during your enhanced walkaround, also keep an eye out for areas on the lawn or close to the foundation where the soil seems to have become sunken or forms depressions. Purchase quality soil and begin compacting those areas as soon as possible. Why? If a slight depression holds spring rains, it can allow water to pool around the foundation or even seep inside. Later in the spring, those areas of standing water also serve as ideal homes for unwelcome mosquitoes.

Check out the concrete

Whether it is the foundation or the walkways, look now for cracks or even movement (i.e., sinking or lifting) and take steps to get these issues under control quickly.

Don’t DIY major issues

You want your home maintenance to be effective. If you think you’ve developed a roof leak, need significant repairs or sustained damages to the exterior of the home, get ahead of the game and hire experts to do the work before their busy season begins.

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