7 Tips for Your Best DIY Bathroom Update

Does your bathroom need a little update? Maybe it is showing its age and looking a little dated? If you cannot afford a full remodel or even the installation of some new fixtures (like a new toilet, sink or bath/shower), you can still do a lot to update this important little room. Below are seven excellent tips to help you enjoy success when you do some DIY projects around the bathroom.

Consider paint

While this might be the most obvious way to update your bath, give it a lot of thought. After all, paint might be inexpensive and easy, but choosing the wrong color can be a waste of time. Consider giving the ceiling, cabinetry and molding a treatment in a high gloss paint of one color and the walls a high gloss coat in another. Consider how the colors chosen will work with the existing cabinetry, countertops, floor, and fixtures.

Refinish the tub

If new tile is out of the question, or you cannot afford to replace the ugly tub, consider one of the different refinishing kits available. Made to fix cracks, these kits can also be used to treat your tub with an entirely different color. The material works on porcelain, ceramic and fiberglass. The key to success is using epoxy paint and taking the time to do adequate prep work ahead of time.

Pay attention to details

One of the simplest ways to enhance the looks of your bathroom (or almost any room) for that matter is to give attention to the small details. How do hinges on cabinets look? What sort of drawer pulls and knobs are used? How do the light fixtures look? What is the style of the cabinetry? Do you have curtains on any windows? What about an area rug in front of the sink? Do you have proper storage and shelving? Take time to look at the tiny details that can add up to a lot of impact in the look and function of any bathroom.

Swap out faucets, shower heads, towel racks and more

Another simple and amazingly effective way to win the bathroom update game is to look into premium faucets and taps, towel racks, shower heads and even the handle on the toilet. As home improvement expert Bob Vila says, “These upgrades are remarkably easy to DIY and will create a new ambiance on a budget.”

Making the most of the mirror(s)

Mirrors are functional and necessary, but they can also be a form of art, add interest to the bathroom, and even capture and improve lighting. Don’t ever settle for the boring pre-installed mirror on the cabinet if you want or need something better. Take the time to determine if removing the facing on an old cabinet, and hanging a much larger mirror over it, is a good option. Put a small collection of mirrors along one wall, add a mirror opposite the window to flood the room with light…mirrors can work wonders in a bathroom update.

Give it personality

Sure, the bathroom is functional, but it can also be a place that shows off your style. Wall art, little flea market finds, and accent items can all make your bathroom a pleasant spot to visit. Just keep in mind that it is a damp space, so nothing vulnerable or easily broken down by high humidity. NOTE: Some plants adore the bathroom and could also add some personality.

Walls as storage

Not many of us have bathrooms with tremendous amounts of storage, so don’t ignore the opportunity that an expanse of wall space provides. Shallow, wall-hung storage is widely available and often explicitly designed for even tiny bathrooms. However, you can also follow one expert’s advice and get creative with PVC or cardboard footing tubes that you cut into easy to hang storage for bathroom walls!

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