6 Things to Consider For The First Time Homeowner

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  1. Barry says:

    Ironically, I am going through this process right now! Some great tips Frank. I would include to not get emotionally attached to the potential new home to quickly. Making emotion decision can become expensive.

    But the most important tip I can recommend and this applies to both new and existing homes… get a home inspection done. It is amazing the types of issues that can be found during the inspections. For example, grading and draining issues, critter activity in the attic, thermal pane windows that have lost their seal causing condensation to be present, and potential code violations that the typical home owner would miss.

  2. This is great advice for first-time (or veteran) homeowners, Melanie. In our real estate inspection work, some of our clients have made offers on houses without being aware of problems with the roof, plumbing and heating systems that these basic tests would reveal. Yes, we’re going to catch all these during the home inspection; but it’s better if the buyers are aware of this beforehand, so they can set their offer price accordingly.

  3. Frank Jovine says:


    Thanks for the additions, good stuff!

  4. Matt says:

    Agree, great tips from Barry!

    The other bit of advice I would suggest is to select a great Realtor to help, especially if you are on a strict timeline to purchase a home. A good Realtor that really knows the local market can make a huge difference in helping to narrowing in on what you and your family need as well as validating your opinion on pricing, etc.

  5. Ed Oliver says:

    This is a brilliant article with some really useful tips – especially the points about testing and checking parts of the house like the plumbing and roof. With the right tools you can save time and money on simply DIY tasks which will make the idea of owning a home for the first time a bit less daunting!

  6. Also think about the roof and its condition. We have seen some people bought their houses without checking the roof condition and after couple of months they had to pay a huge bill to repair their roof. Always check whether the roof is very clear and does not have any blockage. Also check the gutter and see whether you can see any damage, Also check the ceiling for colour spot which can be occurred due to water stays on the ceiling.

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