5 Ways to Spruce up Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are industrial. They are easy to install and maintain, which makes them a popular choice for property owners. Unfortunately, they’re also plain.

Instead of suffering through life with a boring fence, take a look at these five ways to decorate your chain link fencing.

1. Make Art with Cups

We’ve all driven down the highway and seen “Welcome home, Sergeant!” or “Go Mustangs!” made out of picnic cups stuck into a chain link fence.

You can use picnic cups to make designs in your own chain link fence. Although temporary, this is still a great solution for making your chain link fence more exciting or to celebrate a special occasion.

If you’re looking for a more permanent installation, there are companies that manufacture square plastic inserts for chain link fencing. They come in all colors and you can arrange them however you want, whether you want a picture or just a fun design.

2. Get Creative with Vinyl Slats

While you could buy one color of vinyl privacy slats for your fence, why not buy two or three colors instead? You can use them diagonally as well as vertically to create a cool design, or you could only fill in every other or every third space so your yard is still visible through the fence.

Vinyl slats generally come in dark greens and neutral tones like brown, black, and white. For a natural look, buy a few different brown shades and make a pattern. For something more unique, try to find slats in brighter colors.

Whether you live in California or Calgary, chain link fence companies generally provide vinyl slats as well, so ask your fencing company for recommendations.

3. Grow Flowers in Plastic Bottles

For this project, you’ll need to save up a handful of plastic bottles. Soda bottles are big and clear, so they might be best, but you can use milk jugs or water bottles for variety.

Cut the tops off the bottles. You’ll want the narrow necks gone so each bottle has a wide opening. Now instead of leftover bottles you have flowerpots that won’t crack.

Using zip ties, fasten the bottles to your chain link fence. In each bottle, put enough potting soil for the flowers you’ll be growing. Large milk jugs can hold a few flowers, but small water bottles shouldn’t hold more than one.

As the flowers grow, the leaves will hang down to cover the plastic bottle, and you’ll have a beautiful, fragrant covering for your chain link fence.

4. Plant a Climbing Garden

If you’re not in the mood to save plastic bottles and turn them into flowerpots, but still want a natural covering for your fence, plant climbing vines. There are many different vines you can plant depending on what you want from them.

If you’re interested in growing fruit or vegetables, you can plant grapes, cantaloupe, cucumbers, peas, beans, and some varieties of tomato that will climb the fence as they grow. Grape vines are perennial, which means they will last for many growing seasons and not need to be replanted. The others will need to be replanted each spring.

If you’d rather grow flowers, consider clematis, honeysuckle or wisteria. These are perennials, so you won’t have to buy and plant new ones every year. If you want to try different flowers each year, consider annuals like morning glory or nasturtiums.

For those who prefer non-flowering vines, English ivy and Virginia creeper are two great choices. Ivy is bright green in the summer and dull in the winter. Virginia creeper is bright green in the summer, turns scarlet in the fall, and loses its leaves in the winter. If you want year-round coverage, chose ivy. If you want a splash of color, choose the creeper.

5. Try Wooden Privacy Slats

Wooden fences are a classic, timeless look. If your property had a chain link fence when you moved in but you’d prefer wood, think twice before demolishing the chain link and starting over.

Many fencing companies and home improvement stores sell wooden privacy slats in addition to the vinyl, though they will take more maintenance since wood is more likely to break during a storm or sporting accident.

If you’re tired of your plain chain link fence, try out one or more of these fun decorating ideas. You could combine a few, or come up with something entirely original. A chain link fence does not have to be boring. In fact, it can be better than any other kind of fence for expressing your unique personality!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this information on ways to spruce up your chain link fence. It’s true that they are sometimes not the most attractive, but they can be very useful and inexpensive. We have been wanting to build a fence in our backyard around the pool and a chain link fence sounds like the most inexpensive option. I love your idea of planting a climbing garden because it will make the backyard look very inviting. Thanks again!

  3. I’m usually not a big fan of chain link fences, but this has changed me mind a little. I love the idea of planting climbing vines to cover your chain linked fence. That’s gotta look really neat if you take good care of it.

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  5. Georgia B says:

    I didn’t know that wooden slats even existed! That might make a huge difference in how much I like the fence around our new house. It’s got vinyl slats currently, but I like the idea of a more natural look that wooden slats would incorporate. It would also match the rest of our house much better! Thanks for the tip!

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