5 Reasons to Replace Sinks

Been thinking about replacing one or more sinks around your home or business? It’s likely due to one of the following issues or wants:

1. Chips and cracks – These are common issues with porcelain and ceramic sinks. Consider using a stone, acrylic, or stainless steel sink as a replacement.

2. Color – We all have our favorite palate, and sometimes 50s pink just doesn’t make the cut in a modern building.

3. Size – If you can’t fit your pans inside the kitchen sink or perhaps get to your toilet in the bathroom; it’s about time to think about the hundreds of styles and sizes of sinks out there waiting for a home in your kitchen and bathroom.

4. Function –  Bathrooms: Would a wall mounted, pedestal, vessel, vanity or console sink work best for you? Kitchen: Single or double bowl? Deep or standard depth? Top mount, under mount, flush mount, or tile in?

5. Fix pipe leak – If you’re already in the process of fixing a leak (which in many cases is caused by water seeping through the bowl attached to the counter top), think about the items above before starting the project. Tackle repair, design and function at the same time!

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