5 Home Improvement Projects Perfect for Winter

First of all, because winter weather brings many days of rain and gloom or mountains of snow, it can keep you cooped up inside. After a while (a short while for most of us), the winter “blahs” may appear. In the past, it was called cabin fever, and it can leave even the most dedicated home bodies feeling a bit stir crazy or even depressed. For that reason, we have five simple home improvement projects perfect for the winter months. Above all, these projects will help get your mind off the weather and focus you on being happy to be inside with busy hands and lots of creative projects to think about.

#1 What to do about the Bathroom?

Winter is a perfect season to update one of the most heavily used spaces in any home. Although you may not have the budget for a full bathroom remodel (think a new tub or tile surround, new floors or an entirely new basin – though winter is ideal for such projects), you can do many small tasks to give it a much better look. For example, it is easy and affordable to install a new faucet, replace and improve grouting on your tile, and paint the entire space. Likewise, you could clean and remove mildew, hang up a new mirror or add some handy shelves. A weekend is all you need to do simple updates.

#2 Kill the clutter

Also, home improvement doesn’t always have to be about making permanent changes. Just organizing or rearranging can make space feel completely new. Why wait around until spring to start eliminating junk from the interior of the home. Head into the attic, basement, spare room, overstuffed closets and everywhere else to begin reducing the unnecessary, unused and unwanted items. Make a run to a local charity drop, toss the garbage, spend an hour with the shredder, and then reconsider what you can do with your remaining items.

January is “Get Organized Month”, you can find sales on everything from bins to wall systems and more. Dedicate a weekend to a single space, and you might be able to chase away the winter blues for an entire month or more!

#3 Wow factor the walls

Modern paints have almost no smell, and when you go with water-based, you don’t have to worry about fumes. Therefore, if you are sick and tired of your bland our dirty walls, map out some time to remove the clutter (see #2) and move the furniture before you choose a more dynamic paint. Explore options like a single color on one wall or make stripes. Have a real blast and buy a roller with a pattern to create a truly unique look. Consider wallpaper (and even wallpaper removal) as you make your plans. Then, think about everything from moldings to wall art and photo galleries. This sort of home improvement project has to be done one space at a time and could consume most of the winter!

#4 Just a splash will do!

Looking to give your kitchen a bit of zing? For instance, if the paint is not popping, a simple backsplash might spruce things up a bit. You can find a wide range of tiles in most big box home improvement stores, and online you can find insanely easy products that offer a peel and stick solution, too. Furthermore, perhaps the kitchen could use some paint on the cabinets or a tricky faux finish to update the counters. Winter is the perfect time to look at your kitchen and figure out affordable ways to boost its efficiency and good looks.

#5 Decorate with doors

Whether you decide to swap out the hollow, cheap doors for sturdier and more attractive ones, give the old peeling doors some love. Install new handles or even upgrade closet doors or add some French doors to enter the dining room. You can find an astonishing number of ways to improve your home’s looks and even its efficiency with new doors throughout.

In conclusion, these are only five simple ways you can make home improvements around the house this winter, and if you get really ambitious, you can hire experts to help. Click here to get a professional on the job!





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