4 Tips to Improve Your Home and Simplify Your Life

In a fast-paced world, many people are searching for ways to simplify. One of the first places to start is your home. Here are five tips that will make life at home simpler and more relaxing.

Fix the Little Things

Pick a weekend and commit to doing all the little projects you’ve been procrastinating. Leaky faucets are common annoying problems, but you only need to spend a few dollars at the hardware store to get everything you need to repair the leak. Usually you just need to replace a washer.

While you’re fixing little things, check your doors and windows. Tighten screws that are loose and oil hinges that are stiff. Spending time fixing all the little things that have been annoying you will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. You can relax when you aren’t worried about the dripping sink keeping you up at night, and you’ll be glad you fixed your hinges when you don’t have to fight with your door every morning on your way to work.

Do a Deep Clean

Spring has finally arrived, and there is no better time to do a deep clean of your home. A clean environment is less stressful, less dangerous, and easier to keep clutter-free. You are much less likely to leave your dirty laundry on the bedroom floor if the rest of the room is spotless. Clean your home inside and out.

Take advantage of the nice weather and clean out your gutters, check your shingles, stain your deck, and wash your windows. Getting all these projects done in one weekend will make your life easier for many months in the future.

Eliminate Clutter

A big part of cleaning is eliminating clutter. Go through your home room by room and evaluate your needs.

In the bedroom:

Go through your clothes. If something doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn it in the last year, donate it. If you’ve been hanging on to clothes that are too worn to repair, now is the time to throw them out.

In the kitchen:

Take a hard look at your appliances. Do you really need an appliance that only makes hot chocolate? Just heat the water up in a small pot or put a mug in the microwave. Kitchen appliances are big and bulky, so don’t keep them around unless they are useful on a regular basis.

In the garage:

Stop using your garage as a catch-all for everything you can’t find a space for. If you have items that you never use, donate or sell them instead of hoarding. If you have stuff you rarely use but can’t part with, consider renting a storage unit. You can find storage in Victoria, Veracruz, or Vancouver that is affordable and safe. That way you can park your car in the garage instead of your 6-foot plastic Christmas tree.

Use Space Efficiently

One good way to make your life simple and keep your home stress-free is to make the most of the space you have. Consider purchasing or installing furniture that does double duty, and don’t forget to use your walls.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Get a headboard for your bed that doubles as a bookshelf.
  • Mount your TV on the wall and get rid of your clunky entertainment center.
  • Install shelves in your kid’s bedroom and get those toys off the floor.
  • Get an ottoman that has space on the inside for games or blankets.
  • Hang some hooks up in your garage and store your bikes on the ceiling.

Use these tips to make your home a happy, stress-free environment.

What home improvement projects have you completed that made your life a little simpler?

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